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We are a video + photo productions company that absolutely loves capturing & creating wedding day memories for couples  all  around the Georgia area.


       My name is Emily Phillips and I am the owner of E. I began creating wedding videos back in 2016 but quickly felt the pull of the Lord that is was time to go out on my own and begin growing my own business. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so I have to give Him all the glory and honor for not only bringing this industry into my life and showing me my passion for it, but also giving me enough confidence to create my own company & ministry. 

Over the years E has gradually added on more and more amazing team members! Without them, we would not be who we are today. So it is not just myself running things over here but also a great group of creative and God-given individuals. 


"Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church."

Ephesians 5:25

When reminding myself why we love what we do, it's because God gifted us with the eye to capture what's important in a wedding day and what's important to every single couple we have the honor to film. Our goal here is to put the Lord first in our work and to make sure you as an individual is 100% satisfied with choosing us to capture your very special day! 

When it comes to capturing & creating wedding days, I have to always remind myself what truly matters... I have to keep in mind the meaning of when two people become one and what that represents...

It all goes back to the Word of God. God talks so much about marriage and its parallelism to Jesus seeing His church as His bride. When I grasp the concept of the love of God and what  His people mean to Him, it directly correlates to the love a husband has for his wife. If you're married, I'm sure you can understand that the love you have for your spouse runs deep; but just think how much more does the Father love us. It is something that astounds me! ... and that is my motivation behind every film and photo. If it is at all possible for us to capture your wedding day and for it to reflect the love of Christ, then we have achieved our goal. There is nothing more beautiful than His love and covenant to us. 







Now you know me, let me introduce to you the silent partner of E, also known as my favorite guy & my best friend,

We met at our church about 10 years ago but it wasn't until July of  2018 that God began a spark in us. I never imagined the handsome, quiet young man that sat with his family in the pew behind me, with the only interaction we ever had was at greeting time, would turn into what is now the the most beautiful relationship I could ever imagine having with someone besides Jesus. 

While God was working on my heart to build my own company, He was simultaneously growing my relationship with Austin. We both agree that this opportunity working together couldn't be better! It has been a blast working with him and it's been the most fitting thing I believe God could do for us. Now you might be asking yourself, does he film or take photos to?... No sadly, he doesn't. While I take care of the actual wedding day photography, videography, editing and connecting with our clients, Austin is working behind the scenes helping our business prosper in ways that compliment our business and relationship. I like to call him the brains behind E. 


I couldn't ask for a better partner and husband. He encouraged me to take this big step in growing my own business and he pushes me outside of my comfort zone to serve my clients in ways I thought wasn't possible. If it wasn't for the Lord and for Austin, I would still be working for someone else, producing videos for another company and not living a life at my full potential. Together, we continue to ask God to take the reins in our business and relationship. We constantly are asking Him to guide it, bless it, and grow it in a way that He see's most fitting for His kingdom. We both want to serve and honor God the best to glorify him in all we do!

Our story...

Austin Phillips. 





Our Wedding Video
filmed & created by Us!

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We had a baby boy!
Elijah Dean Phillips


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