what we offer

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Wedding days go by so quickly with all the celebrating that happens. that I can only imagine the feeling a couple gets when they finally come to their exit and  say to each other, "What just happened!?" Being around so many couples on their wedding day, I feel as though they miss out on so much because of the nerves and chaos. That is why I love to capture all the little details so you can look back in years to come and watch all that you may have missed. Whether that is the table settings, the flowers, the tears in the eyes of your beloved, you and your bridesmaids getting ready for the day, or your family breaking it down on the dance floor; I’m here to capture all the little things that are special to you and your fiance.  


&  E is dedicated to capturing your special day in a way that will make the moment last forever.

What we uniquely offer:

  • Full wedding day coverage from getting ready to the exit

  • Male/female teams so everyone feels comfortable with the same sex gender when capturing getting ready shots

  • Full version video which includes all important events in the day with all the small details in between

  • Short version video that can be posted on social media for friends and family to see the best highlights of the day

  • 1 minute Instagram video

  • Drone footage

  • Personal wedding day interviews

  • Final product delivery comes with a USB + Personalized wedding box

We primarily film wedding videos but when inquired to film other events such as parties, festivals, church events, testimonials, or interviews, we are more than happy to!